Our Story


Yue Huang Dim Sum Chinese Restaurant ensures the highest customer service through committed professional teams including master chefs, servers, dim sum attendants, hosts, support staff, and management.  As a team, their focus is to source the freshest ingredients prepared to the highest levels of culinary excellence.  Delicious dishes are served to the specification of each guest's request.  Each bite takes you on a culinary tour to visit centuries of traditional recipes balanced by a unique presentation of master chefs.  Yue Huang is a central community and host to many family celebrations including wedding banquets, birthdays, anniversaries, wine tasting, and customized food sampling experiences.  To add to everlasting memories, each team member makes every guest feel right at home. Yue Huang is a place where family and friends can gather to catch up, enjoy great food and drinks, and always leave happier!  Always joyful to serve, Yue Huang is a welcoming place and host to celebrations of all kinds.

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Peter, Owner/Master Chef


New dishes undergo the close inspection, quality assurance, ingredient mixture, temperature control, texture, optimal cook time, and proper food chemistry by our master chefs.  The labor behind each dish prepared is methodical, extensive, and driven to achieve the acceptance of the most demanding guest.  Rest assured, each dish is presented with special vegetables, seafood, meat, and master chef's recommendation through hours of research and experience in taking ideas from concept to plate.  Live Dungeness crabs are sourced from the bay area and cooked with a French culinary influence to reach a richness in flavor that is mellow with an adjustable spicy level and just the right amount of kick in flavor.  Cantonese dishes are featured as well as special delicacies including the giant king crab, which is prepared with many different flavors and cooking technique to meet the choicest expectations.  Yue Huang's pumpkin soup is prepared with smashed pumpkin combined with snow fungus and lily, to achieve a heat-clearing effect.  With a dozen salt water fish tanks featured in the central restaurant, a variety of live fish and seafood options are available.  Each dish is made to order to ensure freshness in taste and deliciousness in favor.  Many unique seafood options are available.



C.K. is the manager and is available help the team provide exemplary guest experience and hospitable service.  As a team, each member is valued, encouraged, and works together like close friends and family.  The team values hard work, efficiency, responsiveness, great customer care, and continuous improvements.  Each challenge is met with creative solutions.

C.K. believes that a family that eats together, stays together.  Leadership is serving others.  An Every Sunday Tradition may be the reason behind the closeness of the team: the team gets together each Sunday to enjoy great food, sample wine, champagne, or rose wine, and build team unity.


To ensure fair market prices for our guests, food costs and itemized menu items are monitored and tracked in detail. Purchases are made with trusted suppliers that provide the highest quality items through cost comparison and data analysis through Wave Analytic's platform. We work hard at negotiating competitive price points to maintain the cuisine character and highest standards of excellence.